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10 Questions you need to ask

You may know contractors should be licensed, but do you know which license applies and how to verify? Here is what you need to know. Every home improvement contractor in MA and CT is required by law to register with the state. You can easily check the status of a contractor's license using links in our 'Helpful Links' section. When you take the time to do this, you will see the contractors status and complaint history if any. If you deal with a licensed professional you benefit from consumer protections that are lost if you deal with unlicensed service providers. Don't get burned, do your homework!

If you are comparing service providers, here are the questions that we think you should be asking. More likely than not, we will be the lowest price of any contractor that answers yes to these 10 important questions. 

Paint Perfect is proud to say YES to each and everyone of these important questions!

1. Have you been in business for over 20 years?

Use this look up tool to verify when business registered with the Secretary of State. If a name you are looking for doesn't show up, consider if you are comfortable with a company that doesn't exist in the state database.

2. Are all workmen on the job site W2 employees (as opposed to subcontractors)?

Stop by a job site and ask the staff performing the work if they are 1099 or W2. W2 is good, 1099 is not. Click here to see more information on misclassification of staff and why you should be concerned.

3. Do you have certificate of insurance showing Worker Comp, Liability and Auto coverage?

Click here to see our insurance certificates. Be sure to demand all three coverages.

4. Do you have a MA and CT Home Improvement Contractor registration in good standing?

Click on the state to use the Look Up Tool for MA or CT. While on the state site, verify if contractor is in good standing and what their complaint history is. NOTE: Check out what the state sites say, it is ILLEGAL to perform residential home improvement without registering. Don't pick a crook!

5. Is your company factory trained?

We are a certified Benjamin Moore Contractor. Look for the badge on their website. Click here to see ours.

6. Is your company certified with the EPA as a lead safe firm?

Click here to see our certification. Click here to use the EPA look up tool.

7. Is your company recognized for award winning service?

Click here to see our recent awards.

8. Does your company work with the best local decorators?

Click here for details.

9. Do you have great references?

Click on our Testimonials link

10. Do you guarantee your work?

We are proud of our work and guarantee the job. If something needs a touch up or repair, that goes to the top of our priority list. For the first year, repairs are FREE of charge. We cannot guarantee against failures due to moisture or pre-existing coatings.